How does SSL Certificate work?

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SSL Certificate Work

The usage of encryption technology to secure data packets is in vogue for decades now and is an integral part of the internet sector. Earlier, it was mainly used for government organizations and defence departments but the scenario changed when such integrated security became vital for multiple corporations. Banking sector was the first to adopt SSL Certificate solutions and later online stores realized the importance of using this technology to provide a secure environment for their customers.

The process is like browser will request a secure page and will authenticate it only after the validation of the certificate is verified. Such multiple security levels save users from being hacked, data eavesdropping or tampering which is a huge issue. Various steps are involved in the verification process including the web server which sends a public key with the certificate to the browser which will already possess the private key. After verification, a link will be established between the server and the website.

Certificate Authority is the key personality in this SSL Certificate transaction because they bridge the gap between the consumer and the web browsers. They take care of all the steps including maintaining the certificates, the technical aspects and keys as well. Signing process is another integral area which is acceptable only if a certificate authority who are part of the CA Browser forum verifies it. Self signed certificates and keys generated by individuals are considered to be more vulnerable.

Even though, they have the advantage of keeping keys to themselves, the secure infrastructure provided by companies are much more reliable and the organizations will ensure safety of the keys that are being used. Encryption and SSL decryption are part of the process. Encryption key, public key, certificate, symmetric key and encryption algorithm and signing are some of the integral keywords in this certification zone.

For an online vendor, using SSL Certificate encryption is an additional feature that will help them drive more customers and witness excellent conversion rates. The better people trust the website, the more comfortable they will be sharing information and credit card details without being intimidated. Hacking news and malware issues are daily occurrence in modern times where even highly secure government websites are being compromised. The only way to not being hacked is to safeguard the data using such certificates and encryption will stop every third party from reading the information stored within. Using SSL encryption will create a cleaner environment for your customers.

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