Know How to Protect Multiple Sites With a Single SSL Certificate

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Online enterprises handle with regular flow of customer information. Internet Security has been the trend in protecting website to secure customer data and also the company’s confidential information. The element that pins internet security in place is SSL certificate. This helps to encrypt the information exchanged over the website. An SSL certificate stands a platform for the visitor to check if the website is protected from malware authors through the browser.

There is always an uncertainty in website protection if the website hosts a number of sub domains. The user goes haywire to manage the schema of protection right from installation, fee payment, renewal on expiry and so much that adds a lot in maintaining the SSL certificate for each website. On the other hand it will be more than expensive to install SSL certificate for each of the sub domains. A website without a proper security and proven authenticity in place will certainly rip out the enterprise reputation from the user’s point of view.

Security experts have a great deal to overcome such difficulties. Cant wait to hear the great news right!

There are different types of SSL certificates that serves best for each type of business right from small to large scale businesses.

When the business website calls an inevitable need to host a number of multiple domains – wildcard SSL certificate gives way to protect multiple subdomains and UC SSL takes in charge to protect the multiple domains.

Wild Card SSLs for Multiple Sub Domains

When in case of hosting multiple sub domains – a wildcard SSL certificate comes to the rescue as it stands a single certificate to secure all the sub domains with the user to decide on limitations on the protection of the number of sub domains.

For example, you can use a single wildcard SSL to protect,, and the list goes never ending.

However, there is yet another drawback with wildcard SSL certificate, as it is not issued with Enhanced Verification. So it is advisable to use the wildcard SSL certificate in the right way.

Decide on the sub domains that has to be protected with wildcard and let the use of EV SSL protection of webpages that is intended for financial transactions, such as shopping cart page or pages that deal with other online payments.

UC SSL Certificate for Multiple Domains

Unified Communications (UC) SSL Certificate delivers complete protection to the organization’s network connected on MS Exchange or Office Communications Server environment. The user can integrate all the certificates under a single UC SSL Certificate.

If your organization uses an MS Exchange or Office Communications Server (OCS) environment, you can consolidate all of your certificates into a single Unified Communications (UC) SSL Certificate.

A single UCC SSL Certificate is known to be used for a single domain and also close to 99 alternate names (also called Subject Alternate Names (SANs)). This will help you to protect and with a single certificate.

Also with UC SSL Certificate in place, there exists a SAN field to list out the domains that the certificate will protect apart from the primary domain. Microsoft Exchange helps to update SAN field to add or even exclude the domains from the list.

The most efficient way to protect the Exchange domains is through the implementation of UC SSL certificate.

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