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March 10, 2015 | By Editor 

First time in the Internet History, Comodo has overpowered the giant certificate authority Symantec in market share for providing third party SSL Certificates. Symantec has been the first in terms of security and trust for 20 long years. This historic moment is a milestone for Comodo has it marks the transformation in the Internet trust. Comodo feels extremely to share the momentous achievement.

As per the data revealed by, Comodo, a certificate authority and IT security market research firm has surged 34.3% of the certificate authority market to get the number one position. The market share data is calculated by monitoring the usage of SSL Certificates by the first 10 million websites

To compare Comodo with Symantec, Comodo has been used by 5% of all the websites, while Symantec has been used by 4.8% of all the websites and that has made the difference, relating to the transformation in the leadership for the first time.

Globally, It has been clearly stated by businesses and consumers, that Comodo has created a baseline of Internet trust and it is the main reason for them to choose Comodo has the number one security provider.

Comodo shares this moment of victory with its customers and partners as their trust stands the winning reason. According to the CEO of Comodo, This is not the end of all, It is just the beginning and he reasons it out that Comodo aims more and more to provide feature enriched security products and services that will support them to gain victory over the cyber war.

Comodo has become the most sought after security solution by individuals and businesses both large and small, with over 85 million products installations done to secure their experience over the internet. SSL certificates are the most fast and cheapest way for eCommerce industry to secure customer transactions.


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