Mozilla Intros Plug n Hack To Favor SSL Certificate Encryption

September 5, 2013 | By Editor 

SSL Encryption

In an attempt to allow developers and code writers to easily integrate tools into Mozilla Firefox as well as other browsers, the company has launched a new plug n hack feature. The add-on will also favor SSL Certificate because the secure certs can now be added into websites or browsers without any complex steps. The news was officially revealed in the Mozilla blog and the security team behind the development of this tool clearly stated that it is solely made for application developers as well as testers. Security tools are plenty in the market but the people developing it should undergo rigorous steps to make sure that it works with a browser.

Another disadvantage is that if it works with one browser, the tool may not be readily compatible with other browsers. This reduces the number of people who are interested in creating security tools. Besides, integrating SSL certificate isn’t simple as well. The company looks forward to break this barrier and allow even amateurs to come up with great tools.

Integration And Compatibility Made Easy

Mozilla confirms that by introducing the new plug n hack tool, they will help developers reduce significant time spent in debugging. Whenever a new tool is developed and uploaded to a browser, they often respond with errors. Most of the time, a problem in connecting to different websites will be prevalent with new tools. The same will affect SSL Certificate integration as well at browser level. In order to successfully get it to work, the developer or the developing team behind the security tool should spend hours in debugging their tool.

The steps can be complex and even if one shows an error, the entire process and time spent will go waste. The security plug n hack introduced by the company aims to save precious time wasted in these areas. Earlier, the user should configure the browser using a proxy tool, use the tool to configure their corporate proxy and them finally import SSL Certificate using the tool into the browser. It is seriously difficult even for a trained person which is why the new update is being rolled out.

PnH, the codenamed technology allows by invoking direct access to the browser and it avoids the issue created when users have to navigate to and fro between tool and their browser. Mozilla believes that other browser vendors and companies will soon adopt their technology so as to favor SSL Certificate integration allowing easy intercept to create security tools.

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