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July 9, 2013 | By Editor 

As you look to secure your e-commerce site and to protect your clients as they make purchases, installing high quality EV SSL certificate is one of the best and most effective steps you can take. However, not all cheap EV SSL Certificate are alike.

Beyond the various price points and finding a quality EV SSL Certificate that is within budget, you also need to find one that truly protects your clients’ online experience. EV SSL Certificate works a bit differently than standard SSL Certificates and provides a quality solution for a trusted, secured shopping environment for your clients.

EV SSL Certificate

How an EV SSL Certificate Works

An EV SSL Certificate – short for Extended Validation Certificate – signals to your clients that they are shopping in a trusted environment by highlighting the beginning “https” portion of the URL in yellow or green. This color highlight is not something that companies can code into their scripts – it only occurs when the website or Web page is protected with an EV SSL Certificate. Comodo’s cheap EV SSL Certificate highlight in green so that they are clearly visible and quickly signify a website’s safeness and that it has been authenticated.

Cheap EV SSL Certificate

People often want to know how to find a cheap EV SSL certificate – the real question they should ask is how to find an inexpensive but quality SSL certificate. Comodo offers an EV SSL Certificate that provides some of the most advanced and user-friendly features available in the industry today – and at a reasonable cost.

Comodo’s SSL Certificate provides 2048-bit protection to your clients – the highest level of assurance currently available. Additionally, Comodo’s Certificate are recognized by 99 percent of web browsers around the globe – this means that no matter what software your client is using or from where in the world they are shopping, they are protected and shopping in a safe environment. Beyond the green bar notification in your website’s URL bar, Comodo’s cheap EV SSL Certificate also places the Comodo trust logo for unlimited server licenses.

When you purchase your SSL Certificate from Comodo, you will receive priority phone support as well as a $250,000 relying party warranty – this means that in the unlikely event that there is a data breach resulting in loss of income or payment, Comodo will cover the loss up to $250,000.

Comodo is a known and trusted developer of some of today’s top-rated online security programs. Recently, AV-Test rated Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium a perfect 6-6 in Protection – the highest possible rating. This quality extends throughout Comodo’s product offerings, establishing trust with consumers and earning Comodo its reputation in the marketplace as one of the top internet security software companies.

Benefits of EV SSL

Beyond the safety that a cheap EV SSL Certificate provides your e-commerce business, there are many secondary benefits to deploying this technology, including increased consumer confidence and increased conversion rates. Comodo’s Enhancer technology™ provides an easy deployment, alleviating frustration and time investment. Additionally, sites with cheap EV SSL protection have reduced shopping cart abandonment.

Take the next step toward growing your e-commerce business by installing EV SSL Certificate to protect your company and its clients.


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