Securing Your Website With EV SSL And Other Tips

September 5, 2013 | By Editor 


The recent Syrian digital army attack on US websites has alarmed website owners around the globe. Instead of targeting the server where the website is hosted, the hackers chose to bypass security measures implemented by EV SSL certificates and focused directly on the DNS nameservers. The website was live but the nameservers were directed to a different domain or completely blocked. News websites which are high profile in nature and witness a huge number of visitors every day were shocked to know that their domain redirect is under the control of a group which claims to support the Syrian government. The situation was brought under control soon but the hacking team managed to get access to another US Marines website. There are different security tips besides ev ssl certificate integration which will help you secure your website against hacking attempts and blocking third parties from establishing unauthorized access.

Secure DNS registrant account

Entire security measure is focused on the DNS registrant account. Hackers managed to gain access to these websites because the entire team was focused on securing the server but missed to look into their DNS accounts. The website’s highest level of security is ensured by EV SSL which encrypts all data transactions but access is only as secure as the DNS registrant account password that you use.  Never reuse password at any cost and always come up with the most complicated password combination. Note them down manually if required but not in a digital format as it ain’t so secure.

Compare DNS providers regularly

Choosing the DNS provider is an important aspect of security. Unlike EV SSL Certificates which are issued after complete verification of the organization, new DNS vendors will issue them instantly for websites which seek cheap service. Instead of relying solely on cheap and easy to use service, see the security levels as well. They may not have more than a username and password which makes it difficult to reclaim your website in case of social engineering attacks. Consider choosing a company that allows you to verify yourself in more than one possible way.

SSL certificates

DNS hijacking can effectively be controlled by using ssl certificates. All of them are efficient while EV SSL is the most premium variant of cert available. Hackers use the method of hijacking data along the path to inject it with malware but when they are encrypted using certificates, the digital signatures will be tampered in the process thus notifying users that it is not safe to proceed with the package.


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