Does Your SSL Provider Answer The Following Questions Satisfactorily?

September 22, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

Choosing an SSL provider for your website may seem a daunting task. And no doubt it is. Especially in the age we live in were hackers with malicious intentions are easily duping SSL providers – mostly with flawed or less severe security clearance procedures – into granting them their digital security certificates using which they successfully deceive gullible internet users and make some easy money.

But fear not. There are always ways using which e-businesses like you can easily find out if an SSL provider you wish to approach is indeed a genuine one or not. In this blog, we present a cheat sheet – a list of questions to be more precise – using which you can find out if your SSL provider is indeed what they claim to be and whether their SSL certificates offer enough online protection for your e-business.

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1. Do They Offer Different Types of SSL Certificates? SSL certificates come in different types, each of which offers different levels of encryption. So an SSL provider has to be flexible when it comes to the manner in which it provides its SSL certification. Because various online users need various levels of SSL encryption depending upon their requirements. (Example: an e-commerce site may need an SSL certificate which offers high security whereas for others a lesser type of encryption may suffice). And it is the job of SSL providers to cater to the varying needs of its clients.

2. Do They Have a 24/7/365 Live Support? SSL certificate installation is a complicated process which more often than not cannot be accomplished without some form of support from the certificate provider. Moreover, these digital certificates expire over time, and you’ll be required to approach them for renewal as well. Therefore ensure your SSL provider has a 24/7/365 live support system in place for helping you out.

3. Do They Have a Valid EV Certificate? EV SSL certificate, which is a type of SSL certificate, offer the highest level of online protection to businesses, by listing their physical address, phone number, email-id, and other such details within the certificate, making them appear genuine to the online world. EV certificates are granted only after carrying out rigorous background checks. Now, does your SSL provider themselves contain a genuine EV Certificate? A vital piece of information you should always look out for.

4. Is SSL Their Main Focus? This is a no-brainer and yet something which needs to be mentioned. Because sometimes the suite of other products an SSL provider may be offering may make them appear more capable than they actually are. Therefore always make sure SSL certificates are the main focus of your SSL provider. This often serves as a sign that they offer quality online protection.

5. Do They Have Enough Customer Testimonials? Just like witnesses are critical to the fair outcome of courtroom trails, so are customer testimonials when it comes to checking out the genuineness of the online products – be it an SSL provider or some other form of solution. What are those customers saying? Are they people you could count on? These questions establish the credibility of your SSL provider. Therefore always ask (or check out) for these details.


SSL encryption or encrypted traffic has gained unprecedented recognition. Everyone from e-businesses to social media websites wants a piece of this online protection to maintain their online reputation. Unfortunately, this demand has also given rise to free (and flawed) SSL as well. Therefore if you’re someone who wishes to buy SSL encryption for your online presence or someone who is rethinking about the protection your SSL provider is currently offering, consider the above stated 5 questions and the answers to them. They can go a long way in helping you choose the right SSL provider.

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