Superfish Security Flaw Found To Hit Dell Laptops

November 26, 2015 | By Editor 

A new security flaw called the Superfish-like has been found to rip a number of Dell laptops. The security flaw is all about SSL certificate being pre-installed on some of the company’s laptops. The flaw was first identified by Joe Nord a code developer.

The pre installed SSL Certificate is called eDellRoot. Dell permits the trust of any SSL Certificate that tampers the security mechanism. The Certificate is reserved to access locally this will let the attackers create a replica of the signing key giving way to expose the user to a number of SSL attacks. The affected laptops are showing to include Inspiron 5000, XPS 15 and XPS 13.

The security flaw tends to remind the Lenovo Superfish scandal with a certificate much alike. In the case of lenova scandal, the superfich was found to be an adware that meticulously infused ads into the websites. It was also confined to weaken the security protocols of the laptops. But with Dell Superfish-like, there is no such findings that the certificate is being used for advertising till date.

But the result of a computer running a security flaw all set to victimize the user. There is yet a way to work on the issue but the deal is complex as it involves a series of manual transactions to cancel permissions to access the certificate and it is not a easy fix for an average user.

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