Use SSL Certificates to Protect Websites and to Give Visitors a Safer Experience

May 10, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

There are lots of people who seek to know more about SSL certificates and their role in protecting websites, blogs, online stores etc. They would want to know how an SSL certificate works towards building trust and ensuring security of data. Some users, mostly beginners, would want to know how it can be ascertained whether a website is secured with SSL certificate or not. Here’s a quick look at what an SSL certificate is, how it works etc, made as simple as possible, for the sake of common users.

SSL Certificate: A Simple Introduction

To state it simply, an SSL certificate is used to encrypt any information that’s transmitted online so that it stays unintercepted.

Just think of this. You are making online purchases or booking a ticket online; you enter all data pertaining to your credit card, debit card or your bank account. But if all this is being done on a website that’s not secured, someone else (a hacker) would be able to see all this data and could get away with your credit card/debit card data or banking credentials and cause you further damage. It’s here that SSL technology proves useful. An SSL certificate is used to secure the website on which you are making the purchase or buying the ticket; the details you enter remain encrypted and won’t be visible to interceptors. SSL encryption is what keeps your emails, your chats, your WhatsApp conversations etc secure.

How to Know If A Website has SSL Certificate or Not

It’s simple. Any website that’s secured with an SSL certificate would have its URL starting with “https://”. Just look at the URL, the website address, in the address bar of your internet browser and if you find it starting with “https://” and not “http://”, the website is secured. There would also be a lock icon in the address bar; clicking on the lock icon will show you details about website permissions, Website security certificate information and other related details.

The Benefits of Having An SSL Certificate

If you have a website, it’s really important that you secure it using an SSL certificate. There are different benefits of having an SSL certificate. These include-

  • SSL encryption protects your website and secures all data that’s transmitted through it. Thus it helps keep all cybercriminals at bay.
  • The presence of HTTPS and the lock icon on the address bar tells any user that your website is SSL encrypted and hence secure. Thus they would feel free to carry out financial/banking transactions and share sensitive personal information. They know that it’s all encrypted and secure.
  • SSL certificates are issues after proper verification of the website or business and proper identity verification. Hence anyone who visits your SSL-secured website won’t have to worry about phishing attacks since phishing websites won’t be able to acquire SSL certificates owing to the authentication procedure.
  • SSL certificates, owing to all the above-mentioned benefits, help a business build a reputation and win over customers’ trust.
  • SSL certificates also help websites as regards search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like google always prefer websites with SSL encryption and hence such websites always rank better on search engine searches.

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