Why SSL Certificates Determine Corporate Brand Integrity?

August 30, 2013 | By Editor 


Recent updates in the news confirms that after Google confirmed their plan to upgrade from 128 bit to 2048 bit encryption solutions for better security, Mozilla is also gearing up to do a similar upgrade. These top brands of the globe which provides variety of services to their consumers use SSL certificates because the encryption procedure is mandatory irrespective of the size of the organization. The older 128 bits are not so secure anymore because sophisticated hacking methods and tools allow them to easily open encrypted files.

Following such security concerns, Google will updating everyone of their service and website. Similar security measure to upgrade their existing SSL certificates will be triggered by Mozilla. The reports reveal that both companies are going to reject websites with certificates that has validity period of over 60 months because most malicious code bearing websites use this technique.

The companies have realized that SSL certificates are not the only reliable fact because in order to deceive consumers in a better way, malicious websites offer huge discounts, use professional design and even show off as a website which has a valid certificate. The validation of the certificate will usually be at 12 to 24 months which can be considered safe. Publicly trusted certificates issued by the certificate authorities and internet browser vendors will not have such huge validity period. CA should have a stronghold in the industry like Comodo.

The company is in existence of over two decades and issues SSL certificates to branded sites after proper verification method. Comodo offers instant ssl, wildcard and extended validation certs at an affordable price range tha buyers can make use of. The company is the only one which offers a free secure certificate for encryption which is an ideal solution for newly established companies.

As SSL certificates are strongly associated with brand integrity and people tend to buy from companies which has a good name in the market, Mozilla will soon take steps to curb this kind of an issue. Just because the websites certificate is very short in less than six months or so doesn’t guarantee it a recognized status. It will be fully verified and made sure that the security guidelines are met before it is considered safe by Mozilla browser. The company is planning to introduce new rules and makes sure that everyone stays safe online, especially ardent patrons of the browser who believe will protect their digital activity.

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