Why you may need to Switch Your SSL Provider or Certificate Authority?

April 4, 2016 | By Editor 

You sometimes don’t realise that you may very much be in need of switching your Certificate Authority (CA) and opt for another one, to satisfy your SSL needs.

So, what factors do you need to take into account when you think of switching vendors? Let’s take a look…

The Cost Factor

For any product, cost means a lot, to any customer. SSL Certificate is undoubtedly one of the most important things as regards online security. All the same, it’s a product for buying which you need to shell out your hard-earned money. Thus the cost factor comes into play and anyone would naturally tend to go for a cheaper one. A lower cost might make you think of going for a particular Certificate Authority; but you need to keep in mind that it’s value for the money that you pay that counts the most. Go for certificates that cover your security needs in the most comprehensive of manners. For that you need to make a very careful and detailed analysis of your needs or your business’ needs. You should not limit your thoughts and analysis to the present, you need to take into account the future too. Then take a look at what different SSL providers have to offer, in terms of benefits, features, customer service and support etc. Based on this you can arrive at a decision as to which of them is best suited for you or your organisation.

The trust and compatibility factors

Always go for SSL providers who rank high on the trust and compatibility factors. Mozilla, Chrome etc have joined hands to decide on Certificate Authorities that they trust. Thus the certificates these CAs issue will turn out to be more compatible with major browsers and devices. Always quiz your CA about the compatibility aspect; find out which browsers and devices their certificates are compatible with. Moreover don’t go for third party SSL providers when you can go for a trusted CA.

The service and support aspect

For any product that you buy, the service and support aspect is of utmost importance. You’d even end up forging long lasting relationships if you are extremely impressed with the service and support that they render. As regards your SSL provider, you may need their support for ordering, installations, renewals etc. Issues may pop up from time to time during the certificate lifecycle and you’d definitely look for a provider who stays by you during all these needs, painstakingly taking care of them and giving proper feedback to all your queries.

The features, the benefits

You should be well aware of what all features and benefits your SSL provider has in offer and whether those that they offer would suffice to meet your requirements. There is no point in having too many features and benefits and paying for those many benefits and features that you may never need to use. So always go for a provider who offers you a certificate with features and benefits that match your requirements.

The Certificate Lifecycle Management aspect

Certificate Lifestyle Management is managing the entire lifecycle of your certificates, form initial procurement to eventual renewal and every step in between. This is not an easy thing and if not done professionally and ably, could cause problems with your SSL certificate and create great risks to your system/network security itself. So always choose a certificate from a provider who guarantees uncompromised and total Certificate Lifestyle Management.

The track-record aspect

The track record of the certificate that you are procuring and the provider who offers it counts. You should do a proper check of their track record and then, only after ascertaining things, on the basis of genuine user reviews and cross-checking with experts you know, you may go buy a certificate that would guarantee you total security.

 Why switch to Comodo?

While pondering on options as regards SSL Provider switch, you could very well choose Comodo as your new Certificate Authority. Comodo is a global leader in cyber security solutions and caters to over 600,000 business clients, 8,000 partners and affiliates. As the Number 1 branded certifying authority in the world, Comodo provides the following features that could make things easier and above all safer for you…

  • Providing genuine and full business validated certificate
  • Compatible with almost all browsers and mobile devices
  • Server licenses that are unlimited.
  • Prompt online, phone support and service.
  • The ‘Comodo Secure’ site seal that’s seen as a mark of authenticity
  • 2048-bit signatures with 256-bit encryption

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