Yahoo E-mail Will Turn On SSL Certificate By Default

October 17, 2013 | By Editor 

Implementing SSL Certificate by default is a common phenomenon found among all corporates and services providers. The concept was introduced by Google for their Gmail web service almost three years ago. It is no wonder critics consider Yahoo to be really late for the party but it is better late than never. Just sometime back, the company introduced a completely new layout for their e-mail users. With a sole focus on trying to gain market share and the lost consumer database which Google gobbled up in recent years, Yahoo is on a race against time to do their best and improvise the quality of their services. Even with their best efforts, the newest design has met with considerable criticism and a major share of users are not so happy with the update. In order to secure mails being sent, the company has now made encryption mandatory. In July last year, Microsoft’s revised outlook mail service introduced this system which makes Yahoo to be the last big name to adopt it.

Yahoo Email SSL

Encryption solutions are integral in ensuring that the e-mail being sent and attachments are safely transferred. Those that are not properly converted has the potential to be lost along the path and plain text will readily be accessible to hackers or attackers in case a data breach occurs. Not only e-mail services but even social networking website Facebook made SSL Certificate implementation mandatory this year. Yahoo so far didn’t release any official statement on which such a huge delay came into being and continued to stay silent on the topic. Users were concerned and this also lead to many of them switching their e-mail accounts to Outlook or Gmail because the service was more streamlined. At present, the company confirmed this implementation will take place only in January next year and till then encryption will be an option for its users.

Yahoo Mail is a popular service in multiple countries and there are complaints with regards to the messages being readily available to third parties without proper protection. Privacy is of utmost concern to the company and in a time where users are well aware of the uses of SSL Certificate, it is important for the company to take a step and solve their queries without delaying it further. More updates are expected to be on Yahoo Messenger services as well. The company is busy buying new startups and expanding its database towards a sophisticated level where mobile, desktop as well as new devices are in one accessible line.

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