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May 17, 2013 | By Editor 

In today’s internet-based world, there is no concern greater than computer online security when using the internet. As computer users seek new, improved ways to protect their identities and personal information while using online services, they are increasingly turning to SSL Certificates to obtain the security they require.

SSL software protects any computer user to safely and securely browse the internet via a secured connection – because of this protection software is quickly becoming a leading type of download for individuals ranging from business owners to online gamers.

This protection is more critical than ever to healthcare organizations that need to protect their files not only for their own personal standards, but to comply with patient privacy regulations.

If you are considering implementing and SSL to protect your online environment, make sure that you are first aware that SSL systems is not “one size fits all;” there are different options available to you. The certificate that you need varies based on your budget and required level of protection. There are two basic types of SSL software — wildcard SSL certificates and EV SSL. Each type of program has its own functionality.

Wildcard software protects your online browsing by protecting every subdomain, rather than each individual Web page. This is a different approach than a standard SSL, but is a great fit for businesses looking to provide a secure online shopping environment to customers that will complete transactions through their website. This type of software is a great way for e-commerce websites to develop high levels of consumer confidence and trust.

Wildcard SSL Certificates provide an array of online protection strengths, ranging from 34 to 128 bits of security. Not everyone will need the full 128 bits of security – for example, small online business owners and operators can generally provide adequate protection for the volume of consumers they receive by implementing a wildcard SSL that offers 48 bits of protection. The immediate cost is quite affordable, but the solution is scalable. However, if you expect your business to grow rapidly, you may want to invest in a top-notch 128-bit wildcard certificates from the outset.

EV Certificates – or Extended Validation Certificates offer provide online businesses with the highest level of authentication currently available. This type of certificate provides visible proof of its existence to consumers by highlighting the front end of the website URL in yellow or green. This highlight is not possible to “fake,” so when consumers see it, they know easily and without doubt that they are shopping in a secure, trusted environment.

This type of software was specifically designed to combat phishing attacks and to strengthen e-commerce security. It is an effective way to protect your business and its customers from identity or data theft from unwanted hackers and cyber criminals. While the green highlight is a nice visual cue, the real cost-benefit is in the quality technology and proven security from this certificate – EV SSL is one of the best online security technologies currently available.

Comodo, a trusted provider of internet security software, provides a variety of security programs, including wildcard and EV SSL Certificates. Comodo’s certificates are highly trustworthy and effective, and are available to any business. While Comodo offers several paid certificates, it also offers free SSL in 128-bit and 256-bit data encryptions – this encryption strength makes it nearly impossible for hackers to penetrate, providing your customers and business with peace of mind.

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