Certificate Authorities Role in Revoking Outdated Encryption

September 26, 2013 | By Editor 

Certificate Authority Role

The major certificate authorities in the field of SSL Certificates are busy revoking certificates which doesn’t use the latest 2048 bit industry standard encryption solutions. Internet security is a huge threat in times where every hacker and malware developer is out to compromise private data. Banking trojans are on a rise than ever witnessed and it is mandatory to make sure the encryption which is protecting them is up to date.

All major CA who are in the industry and part of the CAB forum has started massive campaign to revoke certificates that don’t meet the requirement. In similar lines, it has been confirmed the Google is making changes to its Chrome browser so that it stops certifying websites with older encryption as untrusted. The earlier 128 bit encryption is considered to be not so reliable because of the easy cracking it is prone to and data theft is a huge issue in recent times.

A systematic procedure is underway during which certificate authorities will check every type of SSL Certificate issued by their company. Be it ev ssl, wildcard ssl or instant ssl, they will be thoroughly verified including their date of issuance. Those that are about to expire will be duly notified to the concerned website owner or moderator. New certificates will be issued after old ones with 128 bit encryption are revoked. This process will help them assure customers that they are in a safe zone where only the best solutions are integrated and data theft is impossible in websites where 2048 bit encryptions are used. Avoiding trespassing hackers and malware developers is something that companies should focus on so as to stop losing information to these people.

CA/B forum issued this notice that demands all website owners to automatically revoke their certificate and get newly certified so that mandatory revoking can be avoided. After the specified date which is till the end of October, all certificates that don’t comply with the compliance policy and baseline requirements will be revoked without further delay. Threats are not only growing but evolving to new heights according to security experts. This is the first step of many that companies are planning to take including hosting providers, certificate authorities and browsers. Staying ahead of threats is only possible with new implementations and to continue their leadership in the industry with trust assurance, sophisticating SSL Certificate is the viable option for major providers.


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