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January 31, 2014 | By Editor 

When buying a product, most buyers look forward to the value that it offers and the variety of features bundled with it. With reliable service, excellent capabilities and brand value, Comodo offers the best SSL Certificate in town, which is ideal for online merchants. Every one of them can now create brand value and attract more visitors to buy the service or products that they offer.

A slew of features offered by the Comodo certificate include highest industry standard 2048 bits signature encryption. It is the most recognized and highly capable encryption solution, impossible to break or tamper with making credentials transferred much safer. The time taken to issuance is extremely less and you will be getting your cert within a short turnaround time and validation process. The 256-bit encryption adds an additional layer of security to its users.

Buyers Delight SSL Certificate

Customers use a particular website from multiple web browsers and with nearly a dozen choices available in the market, merchants face the issue of incompatibility issues. Comodo SSL Certificate solves this prevalent issue with maximum compatibility as it offers 99.9% assurance to work with all major browsers. This allows merchants and online shop owners to feel at ease that the certificate will be displayed on all browsers without fail.

Besides, Comodo offers a free site seal which will be displayed by default on your website to immediately let visitors know they are in a protected zone. One can always choose to buy extended validation or EV SSL certificate which offers the coveted green address bar. It is a readily recognized visual indicator that lets visitors know the credentials are not only encrypted by the organization as well as the domain has been validated by a recognized certificate authority. Such assurance helps in better conversion rates and creates a strong brand image for the seller on the long run.

TrustLogo is the trademark logo/seal provided by Comodo. The product also comes with a solid $250,000 warranty and thirty day money back guarantee. Unlimited server licences allow you to host the same certificate on any server without any prior permission or approval process. For those who need a SSL Certificate which can cover multiple domains at once, the Multi SSL or Wildcard SSL certificate. The cert is cost efficient because it lets you encrypt multiple sub domains and domain at the cost of a single certificate. With excellent range of features and great technical support, Comodo continues to be ahead of competition by being customers favorite.

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