How to Create a Safe Mobile App

June 26, 2014 | By Editor 

Security is of foremost concern for business owners, users and technology experts. At the same time, people just can’t compromise on the convenience factor as well that has been introduced by the slew of smart phones and tablets in the market. While computers rely on web browsers, operating systems and SSL certificates to protect their online transactions, the mobile market is yet to evolve to reach such sophisticated levels. Besides millions of apps already available online for Android and iOS mobile platforms, antivirus apps specifically made for these handheld devices are already making waves. People are concerned about their security and when millions use their phones, cyber criminals obviously start targeting the next best market. In this era, every enterprise should know how to attract new customers and also keep them safe on the long run in their app ecosystem. Know how to create a safe mobile app for better business branding which is a part of better marketing.

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The Importance of Apps

Mobile apps are integral in contemporary times because users have started using smart phones to access e-mail, do work and enjoy on the go. Finding time to sit down on a computer to check messages is a decade old habit at the moment. They prefer having things delivered to the power of their palm which is why apps are so important than ever. Apple played an integral role in moving the world towards this change and bringing mobiles to the forefront. Before creating an app for your company, keep these simple yet important things in mind.

Store What’s Required – Never store too much information that is not required in the first place. When you decide to store credit card numbers collected through an app, it becomes mandatory to put more security measures in place. Instead of complicating things for no reason, simply go for a payment provider and let them do the task with an encrypted gateway.

Rely On Secure Channels – Make sure sensitive information is always relayed through a secure channel. In this case, it is the SSL certificate encryption that is considered secure and will safeguard you visitors against any type of attack. It will also make the app stronger and stop malware injection from taking place.

Monitor Third Party Plugins – Sometimes, it becomes mandatory to use third party plugins for easy app development. Make sure it comes from a secure source and see if they stick to the security policies as well as data storage policies.


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