Does Your Dad Have an Online Business? Help Him Out This Father’s Day

June 16, 2017 | By Editor 

So you are a teenager working a part-time job, going to school, and living life to the fullest. You watch your father work hard on his online business for your family. Giving him something that he needs is what he deserves as a token of your appreciation for his hard work. This father’s day could just be the right time for it. How about giving his ‘online business website’ the gift of online security?

Fathers Day Gift - 2017

Ever heard of SSL Certificates? Yeah, these are the same certificates similar to what you get from your school for various school activities. Only, these are ‘digital certificates‘ (which can be bought!) and they help add reputation and credibility to online businesses like the one your dad runs. And the more reputation, the more productive your dad’s business will be.

So, how do these SSL certificates increase the online reputation of your dad’s business? Well, let’s try to understand it. Your father has an online business. That means he makes money online when customers pay him using their credit or debit cards. That’s pretty sensitive information for the customers to be sharing online, isn’t it? Especially considering the various online thefts and threats taking place every day.

Therefore, your father’s online business can ‘become a real success’ only if he can indicate in some form or another that his ‘website is indeed a secure one’ to the online world. Only then will the customers trust him and eventually make a purchase. Buying an SSL certificate for him (for his online business to be precise) helps achieve his sales goals through reputation and credibility. This initiative increases customer trust, encouraging them to make the purchase. In short, more business for your dad.

Can Your Dad’s Online Business Do Without an SSL Certificate?

Certainly not. And that’s why getting him this ‘SSL Certificate’ gift will probably be the ‘Best Father’s Day Gift Ever’ that you’ll be buying for him. Consider it as a very good investment for the long term.

Can I View Some Samples of Websites With SSL Certificates Before I Buy One?

Of course you can! Almost every website these days has an SSL Certificate. These websites are accompanied by signs (words ‘https, padlock icon and green color, all in the URL or the web address bar) which indicate that they have an SSL Certificate. Who knows, even the website you’re on, reading this blog might have one. Just look up the address bar.

Where Can I Buy an SSL Certificate?

There are people who are specifically assigned to do this job. They are known as Certificate Authorities (CA(s) for short). Like with all things these days, you can find them online. You can get the SSL Certificate for your dad’s business from them.

Will My Dad Like It?

He’ll love it!! Children are supposed to offer security to their parents when they turn old but you as a teenager (albeit we are talking about online related security here), can make him happy now. What more could a dad ask for from his kid on a Father’s day? Go ahead and give him a unique gift for father’s day – help him get an SSL certificate for his online business. He’ll be a very happy man.


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