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E-Commerce Trends for 2017: An Analysis

March 1, 2017 | By Comodo SSL

The first two months of 2017 are over, the e-commerce industry is active and in full swing. Here’s a look, an analytical look at the e-commerce trends for the year so as to understand what all would be the highlights. The highlights would be-

More mobile traffic, more smartphones for online shopping
The assessment is that there will be more of mobile traffic involved in e-commerce activities these days and there would be more smartphones involved. People with smartphones would be going for shopping from just anywhere and at any time, as per their convenience.

E-Commerce Trends for 2017: An Analysis

Usage of big data and real-time analytics would be rampant
Big data, which is already a hot trend, will make its impact felt in a bigger way. Companies would use historical shopping information to create personalized product portfolios for customers and would also offer targeted pricing offers and discounts to boost conversion rates. They would also depend on heat-mapping to plan exclusive tailor-made shopping available to customers.
Physical stores would resort to the extensive deployment of real-time analytics. They would use data patterns, based on key metrics and customer activities, like best-selling products, average billing time etc, to change and re-plan the in-store experience.


Multichannel/omnichannel shopping to evolve further
Multichannel/omnichannel shopping, which is on a rise, would evolve further this year. It would soon become a full-fledged shopping practice. It’s estimated that more than half of the customers would buy things online and pick them up from in-stores. Retailers who’d be capable of delivering multichannel/omnichannel shopping experiences would go great with their sales.


Interactive shopping to become trendy
2017 could see interactive shopping becoming trendy. E-commerce retailers would opt for interactive shopping, which is based on customers’ unique needs and preferences and would be personalized based on such preferences.


The emphasis on security would be more
With cyber threats and attacks on the rise and with malware and hacking getting more sophisticated, e-commerce companies would give much importance to security. SSL certificates and other security products would be in demand in an unprecedented manner because most companies would understand the importance of SSL encryption and other security measures. It’s reported that retailers would opt for SSL certificates with extended validation.


Move from cash wallets to digital wallets to be more pronounced
The move from cash transactions and physical wallets to digital wallets is already on; it would get more pronounced in the coming months. E-commerce stores are already giving offers and incentives for digital payments.


Quicker checkouts and simpler user experience would be preferred
Customers would prefer retailers who offer quicker checkouts. There are lots of customers (almost 21% of them) who abandon carts when the payment process is too long or when it asks for too many details. Quicker payments would be the norm for 2017. Simpler and more clutter free UX would also be the trend in the coming months.



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