Employee Habits Put Corporate Security In Peril

November 29, 2013 | By Editor 

In a detailed survey held by the security firm Threat Track, it was revealed that more than security vulnerabilities and bugs found in a corporate environment, it is employee habits that mainly put them at risk. The majority of them, especially those in higher power demand cabins with privacy and when they use company equipment to visit adult websites, they bring the entire network into malware infested links that can simply take over the company’s database.

An indepth study revealed that majority of malware found in senior executive computers were due to clicking on malicious links found in phishing emails. More than 40% of their visited adult websites which were not protected using SSL Certificate, but rather had plenty of virus, trojans and bugs injected into them. The security staff responsible for securing official data and employee transactions had to manually remove malware from senior executive computers so as to safeguard their network.

Employee Habits in Non SSL Certificate Websites

Just a month ago, this survey was conducted with over 200 companies and it also monitored the highest paid employees in the country. Apart from employees using corporate computers to view adult content, there were other issues that threatened security as well. Those included in the survey were employees plugging in infected external devices into their computer, allowing family member to use them at work, visiting porn sites and also installing malicious app with or without knowing its actual consequences.

Roughly, all these activities put the company at risk without a doubt and failing to interact only with SSL Certificate issued sites, threaten the overall infrastructure. Such surveys are aimed towards knowing more about the security infrastructure and the need to block holes so that if a security breach occurs, integral data could be saved. This also stops cyber criminals from exploiting those weak areas, which is employee habits in this scenario to gain access to company database.

There’s already plenty of threats coming from the outside. While SSL Certificate protected websites encrypt and secure consumers, in corporates the wrong employee habits threaten the organization itself from the inside. No firm is designed to face security issues on two sides because it will lead to it’s obvious debacle in the near future. To display any bugs and issues found, a security firm launched an attack on banks in the UK recently and breached some banks because of the vulnerability issues found in them. Malware analysts are working towards safer internet and this will help them achieve their goals properly.

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