How To Use Gmail SSL Encryption?

December 11, 2013 | By Editor 

All major email service providers are now well aware of the importance of using encryption for their services. The main motive behind this update is that they want their customers to be secure from cyber criminals and similar attacks. It also helps them encrypt data using SSL technology which stops any other organization from peeking into personal information without proper authority. Privacy and security concerns are high among consumers in recent times. While increasing malware attacks and distribution is one solid reason, the news that even the government is trying to know individual’s every day activity has made it more prominent to use encrypted messages. For those who would like to manually activate this feature, the steps are relatively simple. Login to your Gmail account to find the settings on the top right corner of the mailbox. Once you right click on the tab, a separate box will be opened with various options in it.

Gmail SSL Encryption

Scroll to the bottom of the options provided in the box and click always use https. This is a simple yet efficient security feature which will force every transaction done online through the service provider to use SSL encryption. By doing so, you can experience complete peace as any data and private information shared online will not be accessible for anyone except with authorized permission. After changing the elements in the settings menu, make sure to save your changes before exiting your Gmail account. If it works properly, you will be able to see a https or secure access protocol link on your address bar. Most times, it will also show a green address bar which means an extended validation certificate is being used. It stands as a symbol to show Google is verified as a company and is authentic.

For those who face an error when trying to login again, Google has released a separate patch which is accessible from the official website. The enable option is useful only for sometime because by next year, every company is planning to force SSL encryption into every day user experience for added security. Yahoo has alread announced that they will be implementing this within months and Google has completed updating all their existing services to the new 2048-bit encryption module. It is much more sophisticated and harder to break compared to the old 1024-bit that was prevalently used for all their services. Enable yours as required and using encryption plays an integral role in security.


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