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May 20, 2013 | By Editor 

In today’s mobile world, there is no greater freedom than being able to access the internet and data anywhere, any time by linking up via public Wi-Fi connections. However, this freedom does not come without a cost – public Wi-Fi leaves your device vulnerable to intrusion and potential identity theft, even if you do make use of complimentary SSL protected internet security programs.

Each year, approximately five million people are the victims of online identity theft; the majority of these cyber-attacks and thefts occur while using public Wi-Fi connections and zero SSL certificate protection. Making things even more scary is that the bulk of these intrusions will occur over public Wi-Fi without the victim ever becoming any the wiser as to the breach.

As an e-commerce business owner, it is important to protect your site and network with SSL Certificates, such as those offered by Comodo. Comodo’s SSL certificate provides visible proof to your site’s customers that they are shopping in a secured environment, increasing their chances of completing a purchase through you instead of heading to a SSL certificate competitor.

SSL Certificates safeguard your site, however, SSL protection alone is not enough. While as a business, you can protect your individual site or sites, you still must take steps to protect your individual business computers that access the internet. By installing a reliable safety shield like Comodo’s TrustConnect Wi-Fi SSL Security program onto your device, you can protect our public Wi-Fi connection so as to prevent hackers from stealing your business’ information and stop other people from accessing your data. The TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security program will provide a private connection for your device wherever it accesses the internet – even in public Wi-Fi hot spots.

TrustConnect enhances your existing security programs, such as SSL Certificates, to provide additional security each time you connect to the internet. This encrypts your computer’s data so that, regardless of your current connection type, hackers are unable to gain access. This feature is particularly critical when using your device on public networks, such as those provided in hotels, airports, and coffee houses that are not protected by SSL security protocols.

TrustConnect SSL creates a private connection for you so that, no matter where you connect, you have a private connection. This ensures that when you use public networks, no one has access or visibility into the sites you visit.

Powered by 128-bit encryption, TrustConnect SSL Wi-Fi protects your device and network without causing negative impacts on your computer’s speed, connectivity availability, or your computer’s files. Additionally, it does not require bandwidth – unlike many other SSL security programs.

As a business owner, you cannot put your business’ data and files at risk for public access, nor can you risk leaving your computers and business devices vulnerable to intrusion. Cyber-attacks can mean loss of customer confidence and trust, business data, or even financials. Take every step possible to protect your investment by first installing quality SSL Certificates on your business’ site, and then enhancing your protection to extend to each individual device by adding other security precautions, such as those to protect your Wi-Fi access. This SSL security is paramount to your business’ safety and success.

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