Know Why Cyber Crime Costs Are Rising

October 9, 2013 | By Editor 

Cyber Crime

Online reports indicate the cost recurred in controlling cyber crime is rising every day. Security is of a great concern and the company Adobe managed to survive a massive user database theft because they used encryption. While EV SSL continues to be the best solution to protect websites and help online merchants in creating a sense of trust with their customers, the amount of attacks and hacking attempts is to high to comprehend. Just a day go, the most popular antivirus developer AVG was hacked.

This creates a question among users that if hackers manage to gain access to websites of companies where only experts are present, how they can protect people who are in the actual world with hardly any knowledge about such attacks. The antivirus company attack not only defamed the company but led to too many questions with regards to how efficient these developers are when it comes to helping consumers secure their data. Surveillance issues are rife and phishing attacks are plenty which led to drastic increase in cyber crime levels as well.

Cyber crime affects every enterprise on the planet and no one is safe in the digital world. If you own a website and need to assure your customers that they are secure, going for EV SSL is the best available choice. Because, the certificates are approved and issued by a certificate authority who will take care of the entire verification process.

Besides, it also verifies the existence of an organization and shows the most trusted green address bar notifying visitors that they can trust your website with the information. Purpose of using SSL certificates is a move against cyber criminals and attacks because they can hardly unite all the data packets together to get information about the password or credit card details. The encrypted format will ensure only the authenticated party can actually read what is contained in the data packet.

A report released by the company HP revealed surprising facts regarding this issue and that companies are spending more on their IT security than on research or development. Such is the present scenario where threats are imminent and the way to curb them is to be a proactive personality in the industry. Going for EV SSL certs will help while using antivirus and firewall tools released by a reputable company like Comodo will definitely secure your activities. Make sure that if you are a webmaster, you are aware of using the right ssl certificate for your website and stop cyber attacks.


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