Major Browsers Provide Better Support For EV SSL

November 5, 2013 | By Editor 

The developing team behind major browsers are busy releasing new versions with bugs fixed, improved support, less memory requirement and intuitive user interface. In an attempt to safeguard online transactions as well, the developers have started adding better support for EV SSL certificates so that they don’t collide with other certificates creating a vulnerability in the security pattern. The way EV or extended validation works is entirely different from what wildcard or normal secure sockets layer certificate work.

“It is only issued after extensive verification of the organization, its recognition and whether it is actually reliable.”

Consumers will instantly trust any website which has the green address bar because it is a sign of trust and is known around the globe to be safe to transact with. Such is the level of comforts that these certs created and browsers aim to continue the same in association with the CA browser forum.

EV SSL Browsers

While certificate authorities are implementing 2048 bit encryption solutions, which is highest according to industry standards, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are adapting to the changes. Other major browsers including Opera, Apple Safari and some others are looking forward to provide support for EV SSL certificate implementation in a seamless manner. The latest versions are already out.

“In recent news, Yahoo made e-mail encryption a mandatory for all their users.”

The concept of encrypting files is becoming more prevalent because even when a data breach occurs, no third party will be able to read the information contained within so that individual privacy is secure at all times. The ultimate aim is to create a secure space for users where they can expose themselves digital, enjoy the convenience of online shopping, banking transactions and communicate with others without feeling intimidated by online threats.

Besides, better support for EV SSL certificate, new browser versions are also lightweight and are capable of working fast even on minimal computer specifications. Companies are looking forward to block the concept of using Wildcard SSL and extended validation certificate in the same website because it will not work.

The idea is not only complex but will also interrupt the encryption process and lead to more confusions thus resulting in security vulnerabilities. Even a small vulnerability should be patched at the earliest and browsers are aiming towards the same goal to experience solid results. CAB forum is working in association with the developers and the security industry is working round the clock to stop breaches and data hacks.


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