Master Card Nods to FIDO Alliance For Security Upgrade

October 10, 2013 | By Editor 

Master Cards

The concept of using passwords to protect individual accounts is being considered a thing of past. Securing them is becoming more difficult every day because of drastic increase in attacks. While SSL Certificate integration prevents hackers from learning the content inside because it encrypts every password and data sent through the web, stopping hacking attempts is very difficult. Every company now wants to make sure that a hacker shouldn’t be able to access anything and even go anywhere near an account by implementing new security upgrades. When Apple introduced the finger print or biometric scanning system, it was widely criticized but it seems to be the best solution at the moment. People are being pushed towards a future where looking into the camera or placing your fingers is the only way to even unlock a computer for maximum security. Sounds more like the science fiction movies of the past.

It’s more of a reality now because major corporates, especially financial companies and banking sectors are backing the FIDO alliance. The goal of the organization is to free customers from passwords and pin numbers so that they can secure their money using their own finger prints. Master Card, a powerful player in this sector has joined the alliance which strengthens the deal and it is becoming an inevitable change in technology. The SSL Certificate implementation is secured to the web and servers while companies demand similar measures for the physical industry. Introducing biometric scanning solutions is considered to be the best of all. Practically establishing such a new technology and implementing it in the public is exceptionally difficult but FIDO is expected to help banks achieve this goal early.

The alliance representative also clarified that this doesn’t mean they are going to fully remove passwords and PINS but rather implement biometric solutions for safer access. With huge money being transacted in digital form, it is important that they are secure and hackers don’t gain access to it. People are well aware of SSL Certificate uses and always look for the site seal or green address bar in websites before shopping. Even though, it is being used with banking websites as well, ATMs and other forms are still open. Like how two step authentication was introduced to everyone in e-mail services and other cloud storage, this is mandatory opines FIDO. Steps to ensure that it is implemented in time is already under progress and will soon seen the light of the day.


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