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For every organization, be it big or small, data breach is a huge issue. Encryptions made using SSL Certificates and other similar methods provide exceptional security. But, at the same time when your integral data is vulnerable to an unauthorized third party, chances are high that anyone would consider doing drastic measures. Instead of entering panic mode during such a vulnerable situation, every IT admin and business owners should know the top methods that will help them reduce the impact of a data breach to a great extent.

As long as these measures are in place, losses that might incur due to data theft, customer data corrupted or stolen and losing financial sheets can be avoided. The only requirement is to act quick because every decision made instantly reduces its breach into the core information available and with such intimations one can alert everyone without fail.

Quick Action

When in trouble, make sure to trigger actions at the earliest. The earlier you warn your customers to change passwords, backup files or codes, the lesser the amount of data a hacker will be able to retrieve. The main objective of any data breach is to download large chunks of data which can later be used against the company. Because of this issue, SSL Certificates are being used widely to encrypt every piece of information available online.

Even when someone manages to enter a server and download information, it will all be in highly secured encrypted format so that one will not be able to read it. Security measures such as automatic data destruction is also implemented for government or security related information so that wrong attempts will simply get rid of the entire package.

Organization lose in millions due to data breaches and it is not only money but consumer trust which is mandatory to sustain in the business. Be prepared to hire the best in IT security industry because allocating funds for security purpose is mandatory. Whenever a breach is identified, the people responsible in the team should be able to identify the affected area and safe lock other zones so that everything related to the company can’t be downloaded in one go. No hacker will be interested in opening every area of a storage solution. And, SSL Certificates used to encrypt data are almost impenetrable and such information will be skipped as they require plenty of time to be opened. Only sophisticated tools make this possible which is usually available only with government agencies and not malware developers.

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