Most Threatening Security Flaws In Android 4.4

December 6, 2013 | By Editor 

The new Android version from Google is out and even though, there are plenty of new security updates found in the operating system, it has been revealed that the master key vulnerability still exists with 4.4 version as well. One of the major challenges that company faces with their open source mobile operating system is that their intended consumers are using different versions of the same OS in multiple devices. Unlike other phone manufacturers, Google has allowed it to be used by almost every brand which diversifies the devices.

A survey revealed that at least 25% of the devices are still using 2.3 version of the OS, which is extremely intimidating. There are multiple bugs and errors which can expose people to messages being compromised while they are sent. Even though, there are no such errors found in the latest Kit Kat 4.4, the system has bugs using which one can modify digital keys in legitimate files and then download them into the device.

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During the mobile hackers conference, Nexus 4 was hacked by legitimate people and it’s shortcomings including those related to SSL Certificate were listed so that Google could fix it. The Android 4.3 witnessed a change in this issue where malicious application packaged in Google Play Store will not be downloaded or properly installed even if users prompt it. A following patch for Kit Kat has been promised by the company and the master key vulnerability will be overwritten, according to the official statement made in the blog.

Moving towards a more refined experience, the company also plans to launch new phones. As a part of the program, in association with Motorola the Moto G phone has been launched. The main objective of this low cost high end smartphone is to make sure Android is delivered in its original glory and the best experience than cheap models that compromise on hardware quality.

Besides, Google is also making plans to make sure every device runs latest versions and the oldest one shouldn’t be anything lesser than Android 4.0. It is their primary objective so as to ensure better security for patrons who like the operating system. Some power users root the device to get newest versions which not only slows down the device, but also leads to security issues and cannot be officially updated. Such issues will be brought under control with affordable, high quality devices that the brand will usher in besides introducing concept like SSL Certificate for mobile phones.

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