Myths about EV SSL Bursted

September 12, 2013 | By Editor 


A bunch of myths claim that SSL certificates are not so secure as they claim and the variety of services provided by different certificate authorities are not so different from one another. While majority of the world population will hardly believe this insane claim, some may question the credibility of CA and the security solutions they offer. Such issues are faced not only by EV SSL certificate issuers but almost every industry which tried to innovate and provide value service to consumers face contradictions. In recent conferences and events, both security experts and upcoming amateurs argued that the term secure sockets layer is no longer efficient against malware attacks.

They also claimed that TLS or Transport Layer Security system as well as SSL system have been broken. A minority of the user community were left wondering whether they should actually stop trusting in CAs completely and if it is the time to move on to something new.

Myths are wrong. Here’s why?

The SSL protocol has been proven to be remarkably strong against host intrusion and EV SSL continues to be the premium method of verification in almost every sector. SSL can never be broken because its scalable cryptographic system is versatile, easily adopts to growing technology needs and even the security failures caused in some organizations were due to lack of internal security measures rather than an mistake relating to the certificate authority. The claim that SSL is broken and beyond repair is no where near practicality.

Every reputed CA in the globe is now working towards creating a tightened security infrastructure so that malware intrusion, virus infection and data tampering is avoided at all costs. While EV SSL continues to be most reliable because of organizational verification procedure and instantly reaches the crowd with its green address bar visual indicator, more security methods with better encryption technology is in the alpha stage.

Every SSL is Different

Consumers should understand the fact that every SSL certificate is not the same. Extended validation or EV SSL is completely different from instantssl or wildcard ssl. Public key infrastructure settings vary according to requirement. There are intermediate certificates but certificate managers make it easy to maintain these certs without losing control. Every brand has to mandatorily pass the guidelines and conditions proposed by the Certification Authority/ Browser forum CAB. Third party accounting firm will audit them and they work closely with major browsers such as Firefox or Chrome to improve existing security methods. A faster, trusted internet experience is their ultimate goal.

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