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May 21, 2013 | By Editor 

One of the most recent hot topics on the SSL internet forums is whether a user can truly protect themselves against cyber-attacks by installing free SSL certificate or internet security on their devices. While both sides have solid grounding for their positions, the bottom line is that, while firewalls provide a great shield and most free programs provide a good first layer of defence, the free SSL or internet security programs are not in and of themselves enough.

As an e-commerce business owner, you undoubtedly have taken precautions to protect your business computers via antivirus software and likely your e-commerce website with quality SSL Certificates. Both of these measures protect your business and its customers, but to truly protect your business during your online activities, you should use a Web browser that is intelligent enough to distinguish a safe site protected by reliable SSL certificate from an infected one and a potentially damaging link from a safe one.

Comodo, a trusted provider of SSL powered security products for businesses, including SSL Certificates, antivirus programs, firewalls, and more, has developed a new SSL enhanced Web browser that is free to all Comodo customers. The new SSL enhanced browser, Ice Dragon, is a Firefox-based browser that takes the unique browsing features available via Firefox, but adds Comodo’s patented SSL internet security features to make sure your internet session is as secure as possible. Firefox has millions of users and is already one of the best browsers available for surfing the Web, but by using Comodo’s Ice Dragon browser, Firefox’s platform becomes a valuable tool in your SSL protected security arsenal.

Ice Dragon, is a Firefox-based free internet browser that takes the unique browsing features available via free internet security programs and turns a standard browser into a powerful online protection tool through enhancements, such as secure DNS server access and advanced SiteInspector technology, to name a few.

As the owner of an e-commerce site, you are likely already aware that when you power your website with Comodo’s SSL Certificates, you will receive a seal on your site that displays to your shoppers. SiteInspector technology powers the SSL network by providing a scanning feature that can identify a given website’s potential risks before the site even opens on your computer.

To access this feature, simply “right click” the link from your Ice Dragon browser’s menu bar, and then select the “scan link” option. This will initiate the browser’s process to verify whether the website is safe from harmful files and links – it allows you to verify the site’s registration details and even access information about any previous malware issues in the website’s history.

Gain 100 percent confidence about your server’s DNS settings by gaining access to Comodo’s reliable and safe DNS servers for all of your Web browsing activity. With Ice Dragon, you will have access to pages that load more quickly – Comodo SSL certificate deploys multiple and redundant DNS network servers throughout its worldwide network so that you have quicker downloads, faster file uploads, and more efficient page loads. This DNS network also minimizes your changes of your business’ network becoming infected by malware and viruses.

Comodo’s DNS network also provides you with a safe and secure SSL enhanced internet connection to deliver safer file transfers and email communications as well as a more secure internet experience as a whole. With Comodo SSL certificates, you are better protected against phishing scams, spam, pop-ups, and other potentially damaging or annoying online activities.

There are many things you can do to protect your business, starting with installing quality SSL Certificates. But to maintain a thorough SSL security protocol, you must look to safeguard all activities – especially your online activity. Browse safely by using Comodo’s SSL powered Ice Dragon browser – it’s one step closer to a completely secure business.

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