Report States 8 Out of 10 Users Are Trojan Infected

October 1, 2013 | By Editor 

Trojan Infected

The digital security factor is strongly implemented with the help of encryption solutions. As the task of maintaining keys and private infrastructure is difficult, SSL Certificate maintenance was undertaken by vendors also known as certificate authorities. While the objective of these certs is to encrypt data packets so that third party eavesdropping or tampering is disallowed, injecting malware, virus and trojans seems common in this malware ridden era.

Among other types of digital infections, Trojans seem to be the king of them all because they are extremely difficult to detect. The complex construction of these trojans propose them as legitimate files or software programs which once enters into the server or a network is capable of bringing the entire infrastructure down. Securing them is possible by using the right tools and scanning the computer regularly so that infections don’t occur.

A recent report revealed that out of ten users in any network or individual user list, at least eight of them are infected by Trojans one time or the other. While users always look forward to SSL Certificate seals in websites before doing multiple transactions, there are times when they visit a website that promises coupons or discounts. Before you login to a website, make sure to check if it is hosted by a legitimate source. The main reason that trojans spread so easily is because of the user habits which are very careless and people click on any link that looks promising.

Make sure to verify the source and anything that sounds too good to be true is always a malware trick. The purpose of the attacker is to make one enter the website or download the file with which other trojan packages will automatically enter your computer. Using firewall and antivirus scanning tools is a good protective measure while websites with EV SSL certification is considered much more secure to deal with.

Cybercriminals often rely on trojans to get the job done and the origin of these hacks is mainly from China, USA and Germany according to reports. Europe has the overall lowest infection rate whereas countries with high population count are most infected and often targeted by attackers. Websites using SSL certificate protection are better secured and those that have too many domains to cover can conveniently go for wildcard SSL Certificates. The certificate vendors help in securing websites against trojan attacks and better user habits can help as well.


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