Scammers Build Database Through Fake Social Ids

November 25, 2013 | By Editor 

Spear phishing is a concept, which is being increasingly used by scammers and malware developers who look forward to infiltrate employee database of corporates. While the basic infrastructure of organizations are much stronger and can’t be penetrated easily because of the anti spyware programs that they use, going indirectly through employees is much convenient.

The fact that most employees are often online and use social networking websites become a convenient aspect for hackers to get into the original network. All they have to do is trick employees into revealing various information and gather collective database of people working in the same company. It relatively leads to massive database breaches because employees tend to interact with unidentified individuals if they find the profile appealing. Using fake female identities is a very common way to spear head such operations and complete them successfully.

Fake Social Ids

Another aspect is that such phishing attacks are solid only when hackers have a complete information of the targeted individual and know if they would or not click on malicious links. In order to make sure their attacks turn out useful, the spammers bypass anti spyware programs by redirecting attacks through email’s and social networking links. The tools will not be able to scan such links when they are actually hosted on a different website and this will lead to complete compromise of the network.

Earlier, a security company with a view to exploit this social networking flaw and the ability hackers have over individuals by being able to build database was revealed. They created fake ids representing a good looking female and after interacting for weeks, they finally unleashed a malware link that obviously hit its target without fail. Similar ways of gathering information to launch attacks is what the company concluded in their final report and warned organizations to take necessary measures to ensure safety.

Recon missions are being promoted by hackers and phishing developers. They spend more time in studying their targets before launching full-fledged attacks. It has been brought to the notice of all companies so that they can take necessary efforts to stop such attacks in the future. The anti spyware program help individuals, but they are not the best when it comes to fighting social network based attacks. Phishing is rated as a low-level threat and considered only material breaching, but it has the potential to lead to full-fledged attacks if not controlled in time.


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