Simulated Bank Attacks Enhance Security Infrastructure

November 27, 2013 | By Editor 

A wide scale cyber security measure was simulated in London where banks were attacked by fake law force agencies. The main purpose of this attack is to stop cyber criminals from launching surprise attacks and help secure digital transactions for their customers. Over a dozen banks participated in this undercover operation which was revealed only to specific employees while majority of them were expected to believe this is a real attack. It gave them the opportunity to know more about the security measures in place and test how good the overall infrastructure is.

While data is always transferred in encrypted format using SSL Certificate solutions, there are other manual vaults which require digital access. If hacked, it could lead to physical robbery by using cyber methods and the test exercise focused on this aspect as well. Another type was distribution of denial services to their servers and it was efficiently carried out during this successful mock hacking operation.


According to the official reports, the experts and security professionals opined that this exercise helped them improvise themselves every time. Cyber attacks are becoming prevalent and even though SSL Certificate encrypted files can’t be opened by third parties, stopping them from falling into the wrong hands is essential as well. Risk management is the primary goal of this establishment and more exercises are expected to follow, according to the firm which organized the attack. Without any legal announcement, earlier a security firm have been hacked, spread malware within a company by using fake social networking identities. The idea was to make sure that companies had a strict policy and more aware of the fact that anyone could exploit this by using social networking identities. Security firms have considerably changed their operation style and looks forward to provide quality IT services.

Cyber security is fast evolving and the people who are behind this security is trying their best to come out of conventional methods. Criminals are more sophisticated than ever. Even though, they are still unable to break into SSL Certificate based encryptions because of the high encryption modules used in them, they are using wide denial of distribution attacks and hackings through subtle means. Trojans and malware are being sold in the deep web, which is not readily accessible for consumers, but hackers prowl these forums every time. They even provide updates and patch support for malware being sold, which increases the buying potential.


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