SSL Certificate And Its Influence On Consumer Decision Making

September 25, 2013 | By Editor 

SSL Certificate Decision Making

Whenever someone enters an online shop or browse through an e-store by an online merchant, the first think that they look for is deals. Next, their topmost priority would be about checking out the variety of products that they offer and finally when it is time to buy something, the trust factor kicks in. In reality, most consumers are unaware of what SSL Certificates are all about but they know that it is something that has to do in securing private information.

Providing credit card details or proceeding to pay online is something that people would consider only when they know they are in a secure zone. Such identity is established with the help of extended validation or EV SSL certificates used by major brands. They are issued only after a company’s identity is approved and they verify with basic details necessary to authenticate a website.

Such measures are much more complex and more secure as well unlike instant SSL Certificates that are issued with a simple domain validation. Consumer decision making is largely influenced by this added security measure which they have approved and this was evident in a survey conducted in the recent past. For a vendor, it is essential to provide security to those who deal with them and if you own a website, using at least one type of certificate is mandatory.

Consumer conversion rates not only help in more sales but also lead to the growth of the brand into a reputable place to buy things or avail services. The better a person feels in interacting with the website, the larger the number of visitors will be and the reach one gets because of using secure certificates is nearly unlimited. Only the most erudite will consider going for this option that pays on the long run.

There are different variants of ssl certificates available and choosing one is purely based on requirement. If you need to secure multiple domains due to product categories and other reasons, going for wildcard SSL will be an amazing choice. There are also domain validated and organization validated certs which vary according to the requirement. The pricing will vary as well and individuals can make a choice based on the present situation of a company. Growing organizations can go for the cheapest version. Among other certificate vendors, Comodo is the only CA that offers free ssl which is a great option to explore the uses of encryption before going for paid version of these secure certificates.

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