The Evolution of SSL Certificates on Smartphones

September 16, 2013 | By Editor 


Majority of internet browsing is done using smartphones and tablets these days, according to detailed statistic studies. While PC infrastructure is completely different, it is essential to secure smartphone shoppers as well because shopping on the go is what consumers want. The basic SSL Certificates will continue to be the same but certificate authorities are already working on a solution that will be compatible with every version of the website.

Major CA vendors have already adopted the technology and are using mobile code signing credentials to make it hacker proof on the smartphone market. Similarly, other vendors are following suit and soon one can expect  SSL certificates security measures being implemented in this new platform as well. Another important evolution that the industry is witnessing is support for digital signatures in apps which is still in beta stage.

Early Adopters

Early adopters of  SSL certificates which are compatible with mobile browsing include Comodo, GeoTrust and Global Sign. Among them, Comodo is superior in terms of relative experience in the industry and the company not only prevails in the certificate area but also has a strong presence in the antivirus sector.

The technical knowledge that the brand possess allows it to provide the best possible solution for the certificates issued as well. Besides, Comodo has a strong name among consumers for its award winning firewall technology and is in the online backup, storage as well as internet security software development as well. Similar to websites which are dynamic and are compatible with every screen size, the certs are dynamic as well and changes it encryption algorithm as required to protect consumers on the go.

Using  SSL certificates is mandatory for every website because the technology protects people from losing their private information to unknown third parties. Besides, only when it is secure one will have the motivation to transact with the company and purchase products or items from the paritcular vendor. The site seal, green address bar with extended validation certificates and assurance provided by highest level of encryption is the key to secured online transactions. Relying on  SSL certificates is a great method for both consumers as well as the online merchants. Besides, the certificate authorities also provide technical support and much needed backup in case one finds it difficult to get their cert uploaded on the server so that it works in a prompt manner. Using compatible certs enhances security protection level.

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