Trending SSL Certificates and Adoption of 2048 Bit Encryption

September 30, 2013 | By Editor 

Trending SSL Certificates

Strengthening the core of security in websites and browsers, adoption of SSL certificates is now on the rise. A statistical study reveals that by the year 2015, over 200 million consumers from USA will shop online which is nearly a thirty percent increased compared to the current trend. When going online, the most prominent issue that people face is related to the content sharing and private information transactions.

One wouldn’t simply agree to share their private banking details, login credentials or credit card information on the web because everyone is well aware of the fact that hackers and malware developers are there waiting to grab these useful information. They can be used to bring down an entire bank account or credit a person to their maximum cash limit which will break them financially. To avoid such issues, encrypting data packets when they are transferred over the web is an excellent idea.

If you are an online merchant, you will gain significantly by using SSL certificates which are the vital key to gaining customer trust. While the retail sales in US is significantly expected to grow, the percentile of growth is over fifty or seventy percent in emerging countries where online retail is something which is still new to the industry. In countries including China, India, Indonesia and Brazil, the concept is being delivered by local vendors while international brands including Amazon is stepping their first trial into these unexplored territories.

The number of consumers earlier used to research online to know the best prices and reserved their shopping experience for physical stores. The trend is rapidly changing because of drastic price discounts and the convenience of being able to buy products online which gets delivered right to your doorstep.

Visitors always make sure that they are shopping from a reputed website and whether they are in a safe zone where private details can be shared. This assurance is provided only by SSL certificates every time because they stand for encryption and certificate authorities are the companies behind this establishment. They take care of maintaining the certs and the public keys while the private keys will rest with the validated browsers. All major web browsers comply with this rule and they strictly follow the guidelines so that authenticated websites are allowed encryption protection. The sites which are not validated will immediately be reported to the blacklist section. CAB or certificate authority browser forum is specifically established for this purpose.

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