Best Wildcard SSL Certificates For Easier Multi-Domain Establishment

February 14, 2014 | By Editor 

 Using multiple sub domains for a single website becomes mandatory for websites and companies which offer different variants of products or services under the same brand. Besides being readily accessible and understood by consumers, these sub domains also help them reach the search engines. The website is recognized online based on the keywords used. If too many of them are stuffed into one such page, search engine robots will hardly be able to find them.

Instead, by going for sub domains, website owners can easily target keywords and gain better search engine rankings without suffering from deviated traffic. In such a scene, protecting the sub domain is a primary task, which is achieved by using Wildcard SSL certificates that are primarily designed for the purpose. They’re cost efficient and can be used on as many sub domains as you need. Integration procedure may vary because of using more than one domain at once.

Wildcard SSL for Unlimited Sub Domains

The usage of Wildcard SSL Certificates is limited to unlimited number of first level sub domains. If you are new user, knowing more about first level sub domain and secondary level domains will be of great help in search engine optimization. It will help in determining the type of certificates you require as well. Know the fact that these certificates may not be compatible with older version of browsers and will not work with multiple level of domains.

The most important advantage that users gain is the cost factor. Instead of having to buy a different certificate for every domain, all you need to do is buy this one cert. It will take care of the entire encryption process and is also fully compatible with mobile devices. The certificate should be integrated and installed in only one server. It will automatically be distributed among your websites entire network which saves time spent in optimizing it individually.

Easier management is another key factor that make users go for Wildcard SSL Certificates. While companies use endpoint security manager, individuals and online merchants will not be able to make use of this feature because of the cost associated with it. Individuals can comfortably use the one wildcard for all sub domains and make management much easier while ensuring secured encryption for their website domains.

It is much cheaper and renewal is easy because of the comprehensive advantage that it provides. With so many advantages and an ease of installation feature, it’s no wonder the certificate continues to be a great option for multi-domain establishment for every user.


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