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5 Advantages of Using Wildcard SSL

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Wildcard SSL Certificates encrypts and authorizes multiple hosts that shares the same subdomain. To make it simple, This certificate offers security not only to a website but also to its sub domains. For example, A Single Wildcard SSL is used to secure both www.abc.com and blog.abc.com. This is different from the usual SSL Certificate,with which we can encrypt the information only for a single subdomain of a website. Wildcard SSL Certificate replaces this issue that does encryption of data on all subdomain across a website. This provides a lot of advantages

Advantage of Wildcard SSL

5 Advantages of Using Wildcard SSL :

  • Affordable cost and easy installation: Using a single Wildcard SSL Certificate for all the subdomains of a website, lowers the deployment cost. Installation of a single Wildcard SSL for multiple domains can be carried out easily when compared to installing separate SSL Certificates for each domain.
  • Quick Deployment: If your websites are not protected, deploying this Wildcard SSL Certificate, will provide security to the subdomains on demand, rather than taking a long time to wait for the issuance of a new SSL certificate. Renewing and establishing the latest updates are quick and easy using this Certificate.
  • Satisfies the end to end needs of the administration: It fulfills the requirement by maintaining a secure communication between the web server and the web browser. It also provides secured communications between two different web servers.
  • Trustworthy: It gives you a full demonstration on the authentication of the organization’s Identity. This helps to ensure and build up trust to the users.
  • Ensures compatibility: It supports mobile and desktop browsers and prevents users from encountering and disabling error messages.
  • Easier to manage: Deploying different individual SSL certificates for each domain can be a frustrating task. When it comes to renewal, it will be a breathtaking concern. Hence deploying Wildcard SSL is a quick access of work at this situation.

Wildcard SSL

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