Wildcard SSL

Buying and Using Wildcard SSL Certificates

September 6, 2013 | By Editor 

Wildcard SSL

Even regular users of ssl certificates are sometime unaware of what a Wildcard SSL and why it should be implemented in websites where multiple domains are used regularly. A variety of factors affect user decision making. Before buying a new certificate or renewing the existing encryption solution, website owners should consider how fast their online business is growing and its reach. Sometimes, a company which was established in small scale might have achieved great profit and in order to satisfy a wide variety of consumers one might have chosen to add new products or services. Originally, it was intended to serve a specific group of people but in time, things change. And, when they vary drastically, the owner should consider upgrading the website both in terms of backend database and the security measures.

The Wildcard SSL allows websites to have multiple sub domains and secure them all at the same time. It is highly convenient, easy to implement, reduces maintenance procedure and most of all cost efficient. One can’t buy new certs for each page which is practically impossible to accomplish.

Why go for Wildcard SSL?

Reasons are plenty. The major highlights that Wildcard SSL provides include,

  • Securing multiple domains at the same time.
  • Cost efficient and allows users to secure a huge database of content with demanding a new certificate every time.
  • Renewal and maintenance is simplified.
  • SEO friendly. Allows search engine bots to easily identify different categories because there are dedicated sub-domains used rather than stuffing everything into one single page.

Easy Security

Before you purchase your Wildcard SSL certificate, consider analysing the market and the variety of vendors who offer the same service. Each one will have specific pricing, service and technical support. Best support to install and update it on the server is essential. Most of the time, the website owner will be the one who will handle it and they may not be an expert as expected. In such scenarios, it’s good to choose a company which has gained positive reputation for excellent support. Also, compare prices because the highest priced wildcard SSL certificate need not be the best in the industry. Check its feature, the level of encryption that it provides, additional value add-ons and more before finalizing your decision.

Certificate Signing and Installation

These are the final procedure of completing wildcard SSL certificate integration. The vendor will send e-mails along with instructions to get the certificate signed after it is uploaded in the server. Once done, it should be accepted and the private, public keys issues will be validated. By using Wildcard SSL certificate, one can comfortably secure any number of domain names in the same server. Because it is a single certificate being used to secure different pages of a website, maintenance is much easier and it isn’t too complicated to renew or transfer to a new server whenever required. Know your type of server because the installation procedure will vary according to the variant, such as Apache, Linux or similar server database.

Wildcard SSL

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