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Looking for Independence Day Deals? Don’t Forget, Staying Secure is Important…

July 3, 2017 | By Kimberly Reynolds

All set for the 4th of July sales 2017? Planning to make the most of 4th July deals? Well, spare a few moments to ponder on certain aspects of security that you might ignore only at your own peril!!!

We’ve recently been through Mother’s Day sales, Memorial Day sales and then recently, the Father’s Day sales; and now, we have the 4th of July sales 2017. It was almost coinciding with the Mother’s Day sales that we had the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, wrecking havoc for many businesses and organizations. Now we have the NotPetya malware strike, the outbreak of which hit Ukraine and is spreading to other countries as well.


Malware…here, there and everywhere!!!

Well, it’s not just WannaCry or NotPetya that matter. There are all sorts of malware and ransomware that pose grave threats to businesses as well as customers. While these malware could spell the doom for any business, cyber criminals could use them to do away with sensitive personal data of customers (credit card data, banking credentials etc) and steal their hard-earned money or cause other damage as well. In the present scenario, it won’t be much of an exaggeration to say that it’s almost like it is “raining malware”.

Tips for staying secure during your Independence Day shopping

As you are getting ready to make the most of Independence Day sales and deals, you should remember that there are many malware out there that could make things go wrong for you. There are hackers who could make use of the slightest of negligence on your part or the lack of proper security measures from the sellers’ side and get away with your data and money. Here are some basic tips that could help you do secure shopping…

1. Go only for an SSL-secured website if you are opting for online shopping. Look for the HTTPS, which indicates website security.

2. Do some amount of research about the website through which you are planning to do online shopping. Discuss with peers or friends and also check reviews.

3. Be wary of phishing emails that come in the guise of shopping emails offering you great discounts or deals. Never click on any link that doesn’t come from a known source or download an attachment that looks suspicious. Take a look at the email address of the sender and you’d be able to identify if it’s fake or genuine.

4. Never use shopping apps that are not downloaded from trusted sources like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

5. For safe online shopping, it’s always good to do it from home rather than depend on a shared network or a public Wi-Fi network.

6. While shopping at a store using your credit/debit card, ensure that the retailer is using good, trusted POS Security software.

7. Make sure that the system or device that you are using for online shopping is clean and secured, with proper security software.

8. Be careful about passwords. Always use strong passwords and make sure you have been changing your passwords regularly. (This applies generally and not just for any shopping season)

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