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June 20, 2013 | By Editor 

In the ever evolving online security world we live today, finding affordable – yet effective ways to protect your website security is becoming more common than you’d think. In fact, many companies spend thousands of dollars each year on SSL programs to ensure each subdomain is protected when an online shopper visits each different page.

Comodo has developed a Wildcard SSL that works the same way as regular SSL certificates, which allows you to secure a connection between your customer’s internet browser and your website – with one major different can cost saving advantage. The single Wildcard SSL from Comodo is designed to cover all of the sub-domains from your main website domain in one, easy-to-use certificate.

If you’re website has many subdomains to secure, installing a reliable Wildcard SSL can literally save you thousands of dollars – as opposed to buying individual SSL the traditional way. In fact, the Wildcard SSL powered by Comodo for *.yourdomain.com can be used to secure:

  • payments.yourdomain.com
  • login.yourdomain.com
  • mail.yourdomain.com
  • download.yourdomain.com
  • anything.yourdomain.com

Comodo Wildcard SSL is built with all the same security features, warranties and compatibility that other Comodo Wildcard SSL applications are known for with one minor difference – Comodo doesn’t spike the price of your Wildcard SSL by double or triple like several other providers are known to do frequently.

Each of the Wildcard SSL certificates powered by Comodo come with unlimited server licensing – all included in the original price. This means you can install as many physical servers as you’d like to for no additional charge. This business practice allows your online company several advantages across the board including:

  • Wildcard SSL certificate will save money and simplify the administration process by consolidating every subdomain onto a single SSL certificate application.
  • Wildcard SSL provides you unlimited server licenses, and Comodo offers unlimited re-issuance policy as well.
  • Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate is protected by a $250,000 relying party warranty and a risk-free 30-day refund policy.
  • The Comodo Wildcard SSL comes with fast online validation, 2048-bit keys with powerful 128/256 bit encryption protection. They are also recognized by 99.9% of browsers and devices used across the globe.
  • You also receive 1-free year of PCI scanning service and one year of free daily website vulnerability scanning when you choose Comodo Wildcard SSL

You can rely on the Comodo brand name to be a leading provider of quality-built and highly reliable Wildcard SSL certificates and every product they develop. In fact, recently Comodo’s Internet Security 6.0 Premium received a perfect 6-6 rating by AV-Test in Protection – the highest possible rating for any Free or Paid Internet Security Software. And the cyber-experts at PC Mag rated Comodo’s Free Comodo Cleaning Essentials 6 among the top antivirus programs of 2013 – even higher than several paid antivirus programs.

This type of quality driven online security protocols are built into every product that Comodo provides their consumers – including the Wildcard SSL Certificate. And this is why when you’re looking to streamline your Wildcard SSL application, reduce your budget and protect your customer’s online transactions, making the choice to try Comodo Wildcard SSL is a smart decision indeed.

Wildcard SSL

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