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Why Google Loves Wildcard SSL Certificates?

August 26, 2013 | By Editor 

Search engine optimization and the functioning role of search engines is to locate relevant pages according to what the user requests. The advantage of using multiple pages and sub-domains make it easy for Google or any other search engine to provide relevant results. When doing so, securing them individually with different certificates can be a pricey affair which is when Wildcard SSL certificates become extremely handy. By purchasing a single certificate, a retailer or online merchant can easily secure dozens of different sub domains at the same time.

Installing and setting up the cert is easy because the technical support team is extremely helpful. Right from the initial stage of buying wildcard ssl to getting it to work on your various domains, the experts will provide step by step guidance. Besides, they will do certain tasks when required to ensure smooth operation of the encryption system.

Why Wildcard SSL

Optimizing The Website

Online stores are usually categorized based on the products available because it favors better keyword focus. Besides, it also makes it easy to list hundreds of products and properly categorize them for easy access. Dividing into sub-domains is the first step. The Wildcard SSL favors this process because it can secure both www. OrĀ  .domainname.com using the same certificate. There is also the multi-domain certificate which allows any type of prefix as required. Optimizing the web pages are made easier with the help of multiple sub domains to the same website.

The meta description, meta tags and keywords can be separated. Besides, using wildcard ssl allows you to assure your customers that they are in safe zone irrespective of the page they are in. Similarly, the certificate authorities name will be displayed in every page. People who are planning to check out or shop will have no second thoughts in completing the action when encryption is assured in every page.

Gaining Visibility

Having more number of pages ideally leads to better search engine rankings because of the authority established by the website. The wildcard ssl offers a cost efficient, search engine friendly and easily accessible online store which in turn will lead to highest level of conversion rates for online merchants. The better you assure your customers, the more inclined they will be to do business with you and shop for products or avail services that you offer them. Get the most out of search engine results and establish a strong base by using Wildcard SSL for best trust assurance with assurance encryption security.

Wildcard SSL

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